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Local Restaurants in Welch, WV

Here is a list of local restaurants in Welch, WV and surrounding towns.


Champs Chicken

Little General Store #7730

13 Elkhorn Street Welch, WV 24801
Phone: 304-436-3621

Gary Bantam (Grocery Store and Restaurant)

Info: Gary Bantam

Facebook Page: Gary Bantam

Address: 180 WV-103, Gary, WV 24836

Phone: 304-448-3730

Open: Mon-Fri from 6am-9pm / Saturday 9am-9pm / Sunday from 9am-8pm

Howdy House
Facebook Page: Howdy House
Address: 905 Virginia Ave, Welch, WV 24801
Phone: 681-201-2123
Mon-Sat from 9am-1am
Sunday from 1pm-12midnight
Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
Address: 909 Virginia Ave, Welch, WV 24801
Phone: 304-436-6722
Mon-Sun from 10am-10pm

Little Vine Baptist Church 
Facebook Page: Little Vine Baptist Church

Address: 141 Little Vine Church Road, Superior, WV 24801

~They have FREE Breakfast every Saturday morning from 8am-11am.
Everyone is welcome to attend. 

McDonald's in Welch
Address: 784 Virginia Avenue, Welch, WV 24801
Phone: 304-436-2673
Open: Mon-Sun from 5am to 1am

Pizza Hut 
Pizza Hut in Welch, WV
Address: 1021 Virginia Ave, Welch, WV 24801
Phone: 304-436-2117

Sun-Thurs from 10:30am-10pm  
Fri-Sat      from 10:30am-11pm


Spike's Dog House
Facebook Page:
Spike's Dog House
Address: 24881 Coal Heritage Rd, Welch, WV 24801
Phone: 304-436-3900

Mon-Sat from 10am-7pm
Sunday (closed)

Sterling Drive Inn (Deep Fried Subs, Dinners, and more!)
Facebook Page:
Sterling Drive Inn 

Phone: 304-436-3271
Address: 788 Stewart St, Welch, WV 24801

Mon-Thurs from 10am-8pm
Friday        from 10am-10pm
Saturday    from10am-10pm
Sunday      from 10am-4pm


Order Online:

Address: 914 Virginia Ave, Welch, WV 24801
Phone: 304-436-4400


Mon-Sat from 
Sunday  from 

Tudor's Biscuit World (Homemade Biscuits N' Gravy, Dinners, and more!)
Tudor's Biscuit World in Pineville, WV

Facebook Page: Tudor's Biscuit World in Pineville, WV
Address: 200 Appalachian Hwy, Pineville, WV 24874 
(around a 30 minute drive from Welch)
Phone: 304-732-0000

Mon-Sat from 5:30am-7pm

Sun from 7am-7pm


Order Online:
Address: 18664 Coal Heritage Rd, Premier, WV 24801
Phone: 304-436-6088
Open: Mon-Fri from 6:30am-10pm


Ya'sou Restaurant & Grocery Store (American and Greek Food)


Facebook Page: Ya'sou Deli

Address: 138 Main Street, Kimball, WV 24853
(around a 10 minute drive from Welch)

Phone: 304-585-7959

Mon-Sat from 9am-6pm
Sunday (closed)


*If you have a local restaurant in Welch, WV or surrounding cities
and would like to be listed on this page, please contact Tonya our website designer at
TonyasDynamicDesigns and she will be very happy to list your business on our page.)

*Be sure to check out our Local Attractions in Welch, WV!



At Almost Heaven ATVv/vUTV RESORT RENTALS, we have the perfect ATV Lodge
for you to stay at! Located conveniently only 1 mile from Warrior Trail in Welch, WV!


Please come and visit Welch, WV and stay
at our beautiful ATV Lodge!

~ Mark and Debbie

Almost Heaven


Why book with us?

  • Sleeps up to 9 people

  • Located 1 mile from Warrior Trail

  • Air Conditioning

  • FREE Wi-Fi and Large Screen TV

  • FREE Private Parking for
    up to 7 trucks with trailers

  • Fire Pit

  • Sundeck overlooking Welch, WV

  • Local Attractions nearby

  • Restaurants within walking distance

  • and so much more!

People say the nicest things...

"We had the best time ever! We loved riding the Hatfield-McCoy Trail in Welch, WV!

The people of Welch are so down to earth and welcoming.

We will definitely be coming back!"

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